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Comment on "A Few Delicious Library 2 Secrets"
by Joe — May 23
I love DL, and have used it since it originally shipped. I think I have a fairly modest library by most people's standards: around 500 CDs, 130 DVDs, and a dozen or so games. I haven't added books to DL, but probably will after 2.0, by which time I will have upgraded my rig.

I echo other's comments about only being able to import from Amazon. That covers 95% of what I need, but that remaining 5% is annoying. Apart from that, there are two things I'd really like to see in DL 2:

1. Better Library sort/view options, including the ability to create a user-defined "sort field." For example, if I sort CDs by artist, "Bruce Springsteen" is together with "Ben Folds," while my preference is to sort them by last name (i.e., "Folds" with the "Fs" and "Springsteen" with the other "S" artists, etc.). Library should be about more than just cataloging your collections; there should be more robust options to sort and view your stuff.

2. Library desperately needs either: (1) a trash can; or preferably (2) a user-preference to require confirmation on delete. Right now, there is no audio or modal feedback when you delete an item. It may seem like an isolated issue, but it has happened to me more than once: I think I'm editing an item, hit the backspace key, and oops, I've just deleted an item from a shelf without noticing. Once I spent more than an hour figuring out what was "missing" so I could re-add it. iTunes, iPhoto, etc. all allow a user to specify whether they wish to be prompted to confirm item deletions, and there's no excuse for DL not to follow this practice.
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