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Comment on "One Week to WWDC 2007"
by alastair — Jun 04
Any other Europeans lurking here who's going?

Yep. I'm from the U.K.

It'll be my second WWDC (I was there in 2005), but I'm very much looking forward to it. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing what they've done in the WWDC Leopard seed, since, if past experience is anything to go by, it's likely to have loads of things we haven't seen before (even those of us with access to the Leopard seeds on ADC). Doubly so because Apple said they weren't showing everything yet at the previous 2006 WWDC.

And yes, it will be interesting to see whether anyone gets to write iPhone apps. I can think of a few very useful ones that it'd be great to have on the thing. Mind-you, one or two of them might have to wait for a 2nd generation iPhone, depending on exactly what hardware is in the final shipping product.
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