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Comment on "Objective-C Guide for C++ Programmers"
by Chinmoy — Jun 06
Wow, I wish I knew of this when I picked up Cocoa, coming from a hardcore C++ background.

@Shamyl: Thank heaven for Objective-C++
I love the fact that the Objective-C++ bridge exists as well( hopefully it is still being maintained and improved). A lot of useful libraries are written in C++, and this bridge lets me use these libraries with Cocoa.

@Bill: I've looked at C# before. From what I can tell, it is strongly typed as well. The guide above might help even if it doesn't talk about C# per se.

Ironically, I have written four articles about C++ for Objective-C programmers(for using the Objective-C++ bridge).

Very nice job by Mr. Chatelier.

Thanks for the link Scott.
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