Objective-C Guide for C++ Programmers

Pierre Chatelier has translated his Objective-C guide for C++ programmers (628k PDF) into English. It looks and feels very much like K&R, and has quite a lot of useful material. If you have built-up C++ muscle memory and are new to Objective-C, take a look.

Objective-C Guide for C++ Programmers
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Objective-C Guide for C++ Programmers
Posted Jun 4, 2007 — 7 comments below


Fabio Monopoli — Jun 05, 07 4220

...very good work. It is not easy for c++ programmers to switch their mindset to fully understand the power of objective-C. This work help to make this effort more easy.

Shamyl Zakariya — Jun 05, 07 4223

I wish I had something like this 3 years ago when I switched from C++ linux programming ( Qt/KDE ) to Cocoa. I still write most of my core math/physics routines in C++ but I really enjoy the ObjC/Cocoa layer on top.

Thank heaven for Objective-C++!

Bill Szerdy — Jun 05, 07 4225

Anyone know of an Objective-C for C# Programmers Guide?

Allan — Jun 05, 07 4226

thx... that stuff is always useful :)

Chinmoy — Jun 06, 07 4231

Wow, I wish I knew of this when I picked up Cocoa, coming from a hardcore C++ background.

@Shamyl: Thank heaven for Objective-C++
I love the fact that the Objective-C++ bridge exists as well( hopefully it is still being maintained and improved). A lot of useful libraries are written in C++, and this bridge lets me use these libraries with Cocoa.

@Bill: I've looked at C# before. From what I can tell, it is strongly typed as well. The guide above might help even if it doesn't talk about C# per se.

Ironically, I have written four articles about C++ for Objective-C programmers(for using the Objective-C++ bridge).

Very nice job by Mr. Chatelier.

Thanks for the link Scott.

Pierre Chatelier — Jun 06, 07 4233

This was very nice from Scott to make a post for the document. Do not hesitate to send me comments if you want to discuss some points, I am always open to improvements.


Pierre Chatelier

Miguel Campiao — Sep 07, 09 6858

Great addition to the documentation a C/C++/Objective-C developer/enthusiast should have. Thank you Mr. Chatelier and Mr. Stevenson.


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