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Comment on "CocoaHeads at WWDC 2007 Tonight"
by alastair — Jun 14
I thought Id just say thank-you for organising this. It was very interesting to hear the views of some other indie developers, though as I said to you I rather wish Id spoken to you beforehand as I think it might have been interesting (especially for non-U.S. attendees) if Id said one or two things myself, if for no other reason than the type of applications we sell has quite an impact on some of the topics that were covered.

Anyway, in lieu of that, Ive posted a few thoughts on my own experiences on my blog.

Im sure there are a few things Ive missed out that I thought of during the discussion, but if anyone (particularly people from the U.K.; my knowledge of the details in other E.U. member states is limited in most areas) has questions they want to ask, especially if theyre at WWDC, Id be happy to answer them.
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