CocoaHeads at WWDC 2007 Tonight

CocoaHeads Silicon Valley will be meeting at the Apple Store in Downtown SF (Stockton street) tonight from 7pm to 9pm. The topic is "Going Indie", and we have a number of special guests. Daniel Jalkut, Gus Mueller, and Wil Shipley will be presenting, and Brent Simmons will join us for Q&A after.

Apple Store SF Schedule

Wil is going to discuss marketing, Daniel will talk about processing online payments, and Gus will give us an overview of the day-to-day process of doing independent Mac development. The plan is for the presentations to be fairly short, so that we'll have plenty of time for questions.

This is your opportunity to come and get insight into specific parts of making Mac development your real-life, full-time job. So bring a good set of questions and we'll do everything we can to get them answered.

Apple Store SF Map

In addition to the main cast, I'm hoping to see a number of up-and-coming Mac developers, who might be able to provide more insight.

I think it should a lot of fun. See you tonight.
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CocoaHeads at WWDC 2007 Tonight
Posted Jun 13, 2007 — 17 comments below


Michal Betsch — Jun 13, 07 4352

Hi !

Will it be possible to watch a movie, or something, for the person that couldn't make it to WWDC ?

Mike — Jun 13, 07 4353

Yes? Will there be a movie/sound file with this? or blog posts? It sounds very useful but, almost by defination, those who would benefit most are unlikely to be ones who would have paid for a WWDC ticket?

Chuck — Jun 13, 07 4354

Recording was discussed in the comments to the original entry about the meeting. In a nutshell:

Scott has his hands full just organizing the meeting and making sure it's awesome for the people who are actually there
Kevin Lewis said he could videorecord it
Sean Todd said he would record the audio and post it on his site afterwards

So there's a good chance we'll get some sort of recording, but Scott can't make any guarantees.

Gareth — Jun 13, 07 4355

I'm really looking forward to this.

It sounds like it will be a good night... even if my RSVP for the delicious generation party too late to get a golden ticket.

See you all later tonight.

Justin Prine — Jun 13, 07 4356

There waiting. The time is 6:47. Why aren't you all here? :)

MatzeLoCal — Jun 14, 07 4358

Recording, especially video, would be awesome. I'm to far away from SF (google maps tells me that swim across the atlantic is a part of the 11.000 km distance) and I would be really grateful if someone could record this.

David — Jun 14, 07 4359

It was much too crowded and you couldn't hear.

Scott Stevenson — Jun 14, 07 4360 Scotty the Leopard

It was much too crowded and you couldn't hear.
I'm sorry to hear you had that experience. We did the best we could to speak up without causing feedback, but it's hard to tell how loud things are from on stage.

Bagelturf — Jun 14, 07 4361

I recorded the audio on my camera (stereo 16 bit 44.1k) from the second row. I can massage it, compress it, and post it, but there are probably others with better ears and skills who can do a better job that me and produce a presentable result. The total size is more than 1G of raw WAV data.

I have posted a 1.5 minute sample (WAV file in a .mov 15MB) for anyone who is interested in checking out the quality at: this location

Email me if you want to have a crack and making this presentable:

Chris Ash — Jun 14, 07 4362

Great talks and Q&A tonight. Except for the very beginning, the volume was just fine. Thanks for putting this together Scott!

Elliott Harris — Jun 14, 07 4363

Excellent meeting tonight, I had a blast. Thanks to Wil, Daniel, Gus, and Brent for the excellent talks and Q&A sessions. Also thanks to Scott and the SF Apple Store for putting on a great event. It was really a treat and I look forward to more Cocoaheads while I'm here.

Brian Christensen — Jun 14, 07 4364

If anyone ends up putting together the video and/or audio of this event, please contact me if you need an extra mirror to host the file(s). I have some extra bandwidth to spare on my hosting plan right now which I'd be happy to see used for this. Contact me at

alastair — Jun 14, 07 4365

I thought Id just say thank-you for organising this. It was very interesting to hear the views of some other indie developers, though as I said to you I rather wish Id spoken to you beforehand as I think it might have been interesting (especially for non-U.S. attendees) if Id said one or two things myself, if for no other reason than the type of applications we sell has quite an impact on some of the topics that were covered.

Anyway, in lieu of that, Ive posted a few thoughts on my own experiences on my blog.

Im sure there are a few things Ive missed out that I thought of during the discussion, but if anyone (particularly people from the U.K.; my knowledge of the details in other E.U. member states is limited in most areas) has questions they want to ask, especially if theyre at WWDC, Id be happy to answer them.

Gareth — Jun 14, 07 4366

I had a great time last night. Thanks to everyone who made it possible. Both the talks and the Q&A sessions were very informative.

Oskar Lissheim-Boethius — Jun 15, 07 4367

That was great fun, and very informative. Thanks for putting it together!

Scott McNulty — Jun 16, 07 4370

I got there a little late, and ended up at the back of the very large crowd. Great discussion, thanks for putting it together.

Bagelturf — Jun 20, 07 4427

Audio for the event is now available for download. It's in two MP3 files totalling about 132MB. It's hosted by Brian Christensen at this site.


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