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Comment on "iPhone Wallpaper"
by Reg — Jul 14
So, I'm on my iPhone looking at Scott's page. I see a nice photo I want. I tap it and it opens on the Safari screen. If I pinch it, I can make it fill the screen. But there I stop...

There's no "action" button to do anything with the JPEG. No set as wallpaper, no add to camera roll, nothing.

To actually get this as wallpaper, I would have to drive home, turn on my Mac, load up Safari, go to, right-click the image, add it to iPhoto, fish the iPhone out of my pocket, put it in the cradle, load up iTunes, make sure the album I've added the photo to is being synched, synch, take iPhone out of cradle, tap Photos, make wallpaper.

Anyone else think there are a few too many steps there...?!

C'mon Apple, would a "Add this image to photos" action in Safari have killed you to implement? Version 1.1 maybe?
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