iPhone Wallpaper

I quickly put together a set of iPhone wallpaper for your enjoyment. I have a hard time picking favorites so I just grabbed what I thought was a pretty good starter set. If you guys and gals like these, maybe I'll post some more. Put that nice hi-res screen to work.

iPhone Wallpaper

The easiest way to get these on the phone is to make an "iPhone Wallpaper" folder in your Pictures folder, and specify that as a photo location to sync in iTunes. Then just add these images to that folder and re-sync.

(Inspired by the Airbag wallpaper linked from Daring Fireball)
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iPhone Wallpaper
Posted Jul 14, 2007 — 18 comments below


Reg — Jul 14, 07 4527

So, I'm on my iPhone looking at Scott's page. I see a nice photo I want. I tap it and it opens on the Safari screen. If I pinch it, I can make it fill the screen. But there I stop...

There's no "action" button to do anything with the JPEG. No set as wallpaper, no add to camera roll, nothing.

To actually get this as wallpaper, I would have to drive home, turn on my Mac, load up Safari, go to theocacao.com/something, right-click the image, add it to iPhoto, fish the iPhone out of my pocket, put it in the cradle, load up iTunes, make sure the album I've added the photo to is being synched, synch, take iPhone out of cradle, tap Photos, make wallpaper.

Anyone else think there are a few too many steps there...?!

C'mon Apple, would a "Add this image to photos" action in Safari have killed you to implement? Version 1.1 maybe?

Scott Stevenson — Jul 15, 07 4528 Scotty the Leopard

There's a iPhone category in BugReporter now. File a request.

Reg — Jul 15, 07 4530

Good thought. But things like this aren't really bugs, are they? More like feature requests.

I'd prefer to use it for real bugs. Otherwise, if we submit every feature we think the iPhone (and other Apple software should have), then that Apple guy at Stump the Experts who said the engineers are writing X bugs per year (in response to the Q of why doesn't Trash show how much it is emptying) would have to multiply the number by an order of magnitude.

For things like this, I've been using:

It probably gets less attention from the BigBrains(TM), but is a better categorization.

Besides, I'm sure once the category went into Radar, iPhone bugs #1 through #562,323 consisted of:

"Bug: presence of SDK fails to show up. Please correct for WWDC '08."

Thanks for the wallpapers!

jburka — Jul 16, 07 4531

Reg --

When you enter a new item at bugreport.apple.com there's a classification dropdown that lets you specify, among other things, that the "bug" is a new feature request or an enhancement to an existing feature.

Scott Stevenson — Jul 16, 07 4532 Scotty the Leopard

Good thought. But things like this aren't really bugs, are they? More like feature requests. I'd prefer to use it for real bugs

No. It doesn't work like that. :) Don't get too hung up on the name. BugReporter is for any kind of specific feedback that you'd like to provide in a structure format -- enhancement requests, features, bugs, and so on. More here.

Reg — Jul 17, 07 4533

Excellent! Will direct my (reasonable) wishlists there instead of the feedback.html link, I'm sure they'll get more attention.

Another bug to report at same time: typing in blog comment fields seems to get more sluggish the more zoomed in you are, a layout thing I guess.

Thanks for the feedback on giving feedback!

Trausti — Jul 25, 07 4542

Hello Scott,

Can I use this css sheet on my private blog site ?

Scott Stevenson — Jul 25, 07 4544 Scotty the Leopard

Can I use this css sheet on my private blog site ?
I'd really prefer it if you didn't. Thanks.

Scott Stevenson — Jul 25, 07 4545 Scotty the Leopard

Can I use this css sheet on my private blog site ?

Wait. Rewind.

I just realized you probably meant the iPhone page. If want to use that and provide a link with credit to the original, that's fine. I thought you were asking to use the Theocacao design.

Trausti Thor Johannsson — Jul 25, 07 4546

Thanks Scott. I was thinking about the iphone page. Thanks a lot.

Concerned Reader — Aug 03, 07 4553

Are you still alive, Scott? Haven't seen any posts on your blog in weeks or any updates to cocoablogs.com in months.

Blain — Aug 03, 07 4554

I remember that, at Cocoaheads, Scott mentioned things being busy. Speaking of which, it's coming up.

Brian — Aug 06, 07 4556

http://www.iPhoneAtmo.com/ - another awesome iPhone Wallpaper site!

MergeMedia — Aug 08, 07 4558

I love your wallpapers! You've inspired me to make some too, so I spent the last couple days in photoshop playing around.

Check out my iPhone Wallpapers website, where I've posted my creations.

I'm currently rocking the 'Lightning Strikes' wallpaper.

Steve — Aug 10, 07 4565

Be sure to check this iPhone Wallpaper site out as well:

iPhone Wallpapers

Eduardo Deleon — Oct 16, 07 4754

same problem happens when receiving an email with photos/images.

downloading files to iPhone is "dangerous" and could "crash AT&T's network", not to mention make your iPhone vulnerable to attacks (malformed JPGs, etc).

Surely this is a problem worthy of an elegant solution from Apple developers. It occurs to me that once a picture is selected for use on iPhone, a screen capture of it could be taken and that (instead of the original file) could be your bg picture.

Free iPhone wallpapers — Nov 30, 07 5153

More free iPhone wallpapers - http://igadgetszone.com/

Nima — Dec 20, 07 5245


Lovely wallpapers, but there's a hiccup with that page. If you try and click the images where the sheen is located then you don't follow the link, because the sheen (including the transparent portion) is covering the anchor.

If I might make a recommendation: if you turn the wallpaper thumbnails into background-images, you can then increase the size of the sheen to cover the height of the image and layer that on top in the html. The link would be the sheen, and the wallpaper is moved to the CSS, reversing how it is now.

That would fix the link issue.


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