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Comment on "iPhone Wallpaper"
by Reg — Jul 15
Good thought. But things like this aren't really bugs, are they? More like feature requests.

I'd prefer to use it for real bugs. Otherwise, if we submit every feature we think the iPhone (and other Apple software should have), then that Apple guy at Stump the Experts who said the engineers are writing X bugs per year (in response to the Q of why doesn't Trash show how much it is emptying) would have to multiply the number by an order of magnitude.

For things like this, I've been using:

It probably gets less attention from the BigBrains(TM), but is a better categorization.

Besides, I'm sure once the category went into Radar, iPhone bugs #1 through #562,323 consisted of:

"Bug: presence of SDK fails to show up. Please correct for WWDC '08."

Thanks for the wallpapers!
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