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Comment on "Debriefing from TextMate Talk at CocoaHeads"
by rugs — Jul 25
Iíll admit that most of my day to day work is done on a PC (gasp, I know), but when I have had the pleasure of working on a Mac, itís been one that has TextMate installed on it, and I love the program! It truly is insanely customizable, which I think is truly the greatest strength of the program (although it has so many, itís hard to tell). The user interface is so easy to get around in, and the fact that itís so easy to create environments for different languages is certainly very helpful. I also agree with Sunny about the font Ė thatís very nice and readable! Thank you for sharing the slides and your expertise and thoughts on TextMate and Cacao! Iím sure everyone who uses the program appreciates all of your hard work.
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