Debriefing from TextMate Talk at CocoaHeads

My goal last night was to fill the room, and we did that. Next time, I want to get so many people in there that we have to move to a new location. Almost everyone was a new face, so I think we really got the word out about CocoaHeads this time.

TextMate Talk Slides

I guess it was some sort of amazing coincidence that there was a Leopard briefing at Apple. We had people from Boinx Software (visiting from Germany!), Lucas from Delicious, Dirk from Sofa. I should have tried to start a fight about violating human interface guidelines. Hindsight.

I'm pretty sure†at least a few people walked in as TextMate skeptics and walked out coverted (or nearly so). There were a few oohs and aahs, as well as some wows. Congratulations to Dirk Stoop and Joel Norvell who won free copies of TextMate. Thanks to Allan Odgaard for providing the goodies to give out.

The slides from the talk are available here (952k PDF).
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Debriefing from TextMate Talk at CocoaHeads
Posted Nov 10, 2006 — 4 comments below


Sunny — Nov 10, 06 2385

Might I ask what font it is in the slides? Keynote really produces great results!

Scott Stevenson — Nov 11, 06 2386 Scotty the Leopard

Myriad Pro. The one Apple uses.

Sunny — Nov 11, 06 2388

Thanks. I knew it looked familiar ;)

rugs — Jul 25, 07 4541

Iíll admit that most of my day to day work is done on a PC (gasp, I know), but when I have had the pleasure of working on a Mac, itís been one that has TextMate installed on it, and I love the program! It truly is insanely customizable, which I think is truly the greatest strength of the program (although it has so many, itís hard to tell). The user interface is so easy to get around in, and the fact that itís so easy to create environments for different languages is certainly very helpful. I also agree with Sunny about the font Ė thatís very nice and readable! Thank you for sharing the slides and your expertise and thoughts on TextMate and Cacao! Iím sure everyone who uses the program appreciates all of your hard work.


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