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Comment on "iPhone Case"
by Natalie B. — Aug 16
A note of caution: I always bought Vaja cases (some costing upwards of $150) until I experienced their customer service. I purchased a custom iPod Nano case with a clip that they refer to as a "metal hook". The hook was a piece of junk and it failed, causing my Nano to fall the first day I used it. I complained to Vaja about the defective clip on my expensive custom case, and they told me it could NOT be defective, because they checked it before they shipped it. I explained it didn't seem to grip well from the time I took it out of the box, and that it in fact failed the first time I used the case after maybe 30 minutes of walking. Vaja blew me off. I explained I was a repeat customer that bought an average of two cases a year, and they still blew me off. They wouldn't let me return the case and they wouldn't replace the hook, which I cut off with scissors; I never did use that miserable, pricey case, which is stuffed in a drawer somewhere. I'll never buy from them again.

So, if you must buy something from Vaja, avoid the "metal hook" option where offered, and pray you don't receive a defective case, as they don't and won't stand behind their product - and you'll be left with no recourse since they're not an American company.
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