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I'm pretty picky about cases. I basically want the slimmest, most subtle thing possible. No visible stiching, no straps, no design elements. Just a cover with minimal texture. I want the Safari of cases. The best option I've found so far is the Incase Folio for iPhone. Any other suggestions?
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iPhone Case
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Ep — Jul 04, 07 4473

How could you even consider that with all its visible stitching?

Scott Stevenson — Jul 04, 07 4474 Scotty the Leopard

It was the option that seemed the best at the store. It's a pretty good case, but I'd like something more subtle.

David Weiss — Jul 04, 07 4475

Do you really need a case? It adds a lot of bulk and the phone doesn't scratch easy. Just a thought.

Scott Stevenson — Jul 04, 07 4476 Scotty the Leopard

Even though it's scratch resistant, I'd still like to have some sort of minimal layering. I'd also like to have it covered so that it's not, for example, taking direct sunlight while sitting in the car.

Chris Grande — Jul 04, 07 4477

Take a look at http://www.vajacases.com

Yogi — Jul 04, 07 4478

When talking about scratching, there's a nice try to do that here though they are not getting much done.

Scotty — Jul 04, 07 4479

I always use these cases. They are amazing, scratch proof and virtually invisible.

Frederic — Jul 04, 07 4480

Apple's iPod socks could do the job, I use them for some other devices too.

ssp — Jul 04, 07 4481

I usually ask my mum to make a case. Not only is this a nice personal touch and gives a perfect fit, it also has the advantage of making the packed device not look like an expensive tech toy that wants to be stolen.

On the other hand: From what I read on the internet, the iPod may not need a case - which would be the most space saving and design-free solution possible.

Lemont Washington — Jul 04, 07 4485

Hey Scott! I usually get Sena cases for my devices. They havea few elegant ones coming for iphone. Check it out!

Jose Vazquez — Jul 04, 07 4486

Personally I am waiting for this wooden case from miniot. I think it fills your requirements but it may not be exactly what you were expecting. That, and it is not available yet... I just think it is classy. Plus it is sturdy so I can throw it in my pocket and not have to wear a holster (Ikeep bumping into everything with those).

hope it helps,

Charles — Jul 04, 07 4487

I've heard unconfirmed stories that some of the early cases cover up the proximity sensor and cause problems. This is what happens when you make a case before the product is actually released.

Chris — Jul 04, 07 4488

Shieldzone make some great near-invisible shields. I have my phone and camera screen covered, and it works brilliantly.


Maybe not applied to the screen if you don't want, but it comes with everything else too.

Houman — Jul 05, 07 4490

I got the natural colored incase case. It works well and I snipped of the incase badge.

I've purchased Vaja cases in the past, but I feel that they are overpriced. The vaja cases also don't have the little "push up" whole that the incase cases have.

For $40, you can't go wrong.

Houman — Jul 05, 07 4493

...meant "off " not of

Erik — Jul 05, 07 4494

Scratch resistance notwithstanding, one reason to get a case is to prevent the slippery little beast from falling out of your pocket, when you're in the back of a cab. Which happened to a coworker of mine.

By some miracle he saw that same cab driving down a different street about ten minutes later, flagged it, and the phone was still in the back. He immediately proceeded to go to the Apple store and get one of those Incase molded rubberized condom things to prevent the slippage.

Tom — Jul 07, 07 4499

As far as form fitting iPhone cases go, the standard against which all are measured is Orbino. Very, very expensive, but I guess that's the way it goes!

Rob — Jul 07, 07 4500

When I first saw THAT case, I thought it was definitely the Killer Case ...
... but then when I found how it works ...
... NOT !

If they had built it so that the iPhone can be used when the top flap is opened and folded behind then it would be their most popular case.

As it is, it just looks good and then creates many opportunities to drop the slippery iPhone, thus only nimble fingered girls will like it.

I choose their black leather case with the stitching showing.

Its pretty stealth for my pocket and has a clip if I wear shorts with small pockets, and the clip will make it look like a pocket protector if put it in a tShirt pocket ...


Rob — Jul 07, 07 4501

Anna — Jul 08, 07 4502

The Orbino cases are definitely the coolest - no doubt. I ordered it in Crocodile and got a note confirming that it will have an additional hole for the sensor. They say the phone is fully functional in the case with access to everything. I already have one of their iPod cases and their quality is KING. Only handstitched by Italians for my new baby!

Rob — Jul 08, 07 4503

!!! WoW !!!



Leather cases with with a magnetic flip front JUST LIKE STARTREK

PreOrder $42.39

Rob — Jul 09, 07 4508

My guess is the Proporta case is what Scott is looking for.

yabado — Jul 09, 07 4509

Looks like the Orbino and senacases both cover the proximity sensor?

Jay — Jul 10, 07 4511

"No visible stiching, no straps, no design elements. Just a cover with minimal texture."

... then you're leaning towards the Folio, which has everything you don't want minus the strap. Sounds like someone got an incentive to do a shameless plug for inCase!

Scott Stevenson — Jul 10, 07 4512 Scotty the Leopard

Sounds like someone got an incentive to do a shameless plug for inCase!

If I was doing that, I probably wouldn't have asked for suggestions. :) The incase was just the lowest-key design I could find.

Bryce — Jul 10, 07 4513

I get all my cases from <a href=http://www.sfbags.comWaterField Designs</a>. They're coming out with some cases and I know it will be worth my wait.

Bryce — Jul 10, 07 4514

That's Waterfield Designs as http://www.sfbags.com. Sorry for the HTML.

Rob — Jul 11, 07 4515

Case-mate might have what Scott wants.

Daniel — Jul 12, 07 4519

I'm sure you've already checked out iLounge which breaks down pros and cons for each case. Althought a lot of the ones mentioned here are not on there it might be work taking a look at.

Rauser — Jul 13, 07 4525

I've always found Vaja cases to be very very good. They have a holster model for the iPhone that appears to be both functional and great looking.


Sam — Jul 15, 07 4529

I searched everywhere to find the perfect case for my iPhone, none have tickled my fancy. Then one day, I came by this site iQase.com
I bought their iQase Side and Film to protect my screen, much better than my previous screen protector from shield-zone. With the Film I can actually glide my fingers across the screen it's so smooth.

check it out www.iQase.com

Rob — Jul 26, 07 4547

Sounds like someone got an incentive to do a shameless plug for inCase!

If I was doing that, I probably wouldn't have asked for suggestions. :) The incase was just the lowest-key design I could find.

I think the "shameless plug" speculation is TRUE since he deleted my HUGE LIST of available cases !!!

AND my post indicating that my incase case was making pits in my iPhone.

Me list LIVES here:


Scott Stevenson — Jul 28, 07 4549 Scotty the Leopard

@Rob: I think the "shameless plug" speculation is TRUE since he deleted my HUGE LIST of available cases !!!

I deleted the long list of links to iPhone cases because it's really not appropriate content for a comment. If you want to link to a list of cases, that's fine.

Rob — Aug 06, 07 4555

raelene mercer — Aug 10, 07 4566

this list doesnt exist! someone is fooling with freedom of speech here! scott are you to blame? rob, send us a new link pls!

Steve — Aug 14, 07 4568

I waited until my favorite bag manufacturer -- Waterfield Designs at sfbags.com -- came out with their cases. They have three options and I bought one of each. I continue to be blown away by the craftsmanship of their products and their amazing customer service. Here are addresses of the three cases they have:

iPhone Smart Case

Suede Jacket

iPhone Travel Case

They are worth every penny and worth a look.

Natalie B. — Aug 16, 07 4569

A note of caution: I always bought Vaja cases (some costing upwards of $150) until I experienced their customer service. I purchased a custom iPod Nano case with a clip that they refer to as a "metal hook". The hook was a piece of junk and it failed, causing my Nano to fall the first day I used it. I complained to Vaja about the defective clip on my expensive custom case, and they told me it could NOT be defective, because they checked it before they shipped it. I explained it didn't seem to grip well from the time I took it out of the box, and that it in fact failed the first time I used the case after maybe 30 minutes of walking. Vaja blew me off. I explained I was a repeat customer that bought an average of two cases a year, and they still blew me off. They wouldn't let me return the case and they wouldn't replace the hook, which I cut off with scissors; I never did use that miserable, pricey case, which is stuffed in a drawer somewhere. I'll never buy from them again.

So, if you must buy something from Vaja, avoid the "metal hook" option where offered, and pray you don't receive a defective case, as they don't and won't stand behind their product - and you'll be left with no recourse since they're not an American company.

carlnunes — Aug 30, 07 4580

I don't think anyone has mentioned these by boxwave.

The minimalist in me likes this one! The horizontal flap one; of course. :-)

Mike — Dec 26, 07 5296

The best iphone case is toughcase by covercase.If you're looking for " hard leather slimmest, most subtle thing possible. No visible stiching, no straps, no design elements. Just a cover with minimal texture" look no further.... visit http://www.covercase.com for more info

Alex N — Jul 07, 09 6825

I bought a Vaja for the iphone and it looked fantastic - the slimmest around, huge variety of colours-though I thought the clip itself (friction) was a little dodgy.
Well I was right to worry. It lasted a total of 8 months and the thin piece of leather wore out and the white plastic inside-broke, so it won't stay closed any more.
I emailed the company 1 week ago and still haven't heard from them.
The most expensive case - and it's utter crap.
I've had Sena before, and never had the problems.
I'm so p*** off with this case, it is now my mission to write reviews anywhere I can find them.
Don't buy this crap! You will be sorry.


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