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Comment on "CocoaHeads: Objective-C 2.0"
by Ulai — Sep 14
Sounds good, but is Objective-C 2.0 really that much of a breakthrough?

Let me provide an example: How do you guys feel about the fact that Objective-C 2.0 will not even bring support for overloaded operators? This means that a scientist who is working on complicated models involving, say, complex numbers will never move towards Cocoa development. He will want to create a class called ComplexNumber, let z and w be two instances of that class, and he will want to add those complex numbers with z + w, instead of ComplexNumber.Add(z,w). You can imagine the latter notation being way too cumbersome as the models get more complicated. Therefore, scientists working with complex number at least (and there are many of them I might add), will never move to Cocoa. Yet.
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