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Comment on "CocoaHeads: Objective-C 2.0"
by Scott Stevenson — Sep 14
How do you guys feel about the fact that Objective-C 2.0 will not even bring support for overloaded operators?

This is a design decision, I believe. Objective-C is intended to have a small set of syntax and code should look relatively similar from project to project. One opinion (and it would seem, the prevailing one on the Objective-C team) is that operator overloading opens the door for code that is too hard to read.

Developers that want to use operator overloading could use C++ for the internal logic processing, and Cocoa/Objective-C++ for the UI level.

The main standout points of Objective-C 2.0 are:

- Garbage collection
- Properties with synthensized accessors
- Property metadata
- Foreach-style loops
- Some other fancy stuff that may still be NDA'd
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