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Comment on "Cocoa Sample Code: SimplePicture"
by Qwerty Denzel — Sep 30
How about using Quartz Composer?
I admit I haven't explored it much, but that's mainly because for this idea I was trying to target older hardware. I think the antialias method that QC uses is the same as that of OpenGL 2.0 (since that is what it renders with), which again is only compatible with newer hardware. I think the maximum bitmap size in Quartz Composer is constrained to that of an OpenGL texture - 1024 to several thousand pixels square, depending on the hardware.

I look forward to the new version; and on that note, new tutorials, especially with Leopard coming up hopefully soon. I wouldn't mind contributing in some way (but I am not a LeopardKit developer).

Do you have any plans for new tutorials at Cocoa Dev Central?
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