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Comment on "Web Stats for Mid-October 2007"
by Jose R. Vazquez — Oct 16
I am a Mac indie developer wanabee. For the time being (and the foreseeable future) I am stuck working behind a windows machine. To make matters worse (as if there is anything worse than having to use Windows). I am a goverment contractor and I can't even update or touch my machine in any way (at least not the machine that is connected to the internet). I have to endure windows 2000 professional (that's right! not even XP...) with IE6 (no tabs for me either). So I get to see little grey boxes around TheoCacao's banners and such (no PNG transparencies for me!) At least I can see the site. A bunch of mac sites will ban me altogether for having an inferior web browser... serves them right. I hardly ever go back to such sites when I finally get home to my MacBook Pro.
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