Web Stats for Mid-October 2007

I just took at look at some of the web stats, and the thing that continues to amaze me is how many visitors to Theocacao and Cocoa Dev Central continue to be from Windows machines.

Operating System
1. Mac OS X       69.21%
2. Windows        26.11%
3. Linux           4.36%
1. Safari         51.31%
2. Firefox        30.30%
3. Explorer        9.47%
Browser + OS
1. Safari Mac     50.56%
2. Firefox Win    14.96%
3. Firefox Mac    11.73%
4. Explorer Win    9.44%
Mac Architecture
1. Intel          67.33%
2. PowerPC        32.67%

Cocoa Dev Central
Operating System
1. Mac OS X       79.04%
2. Windows        18.85%
3. Linux           1.88%
1. Safari         54.26%
2. Firefox        32.83%
3. Explorer        6.21%
Browser + OS
1. Safari Mac     53.49%
2. Firefox Mac    20.37%
3. Firefox Win    11.27%
4. Explorer Win    6.15%
Mac Architecture
1. Intel          69.06%
2. PowerPC        30.94%

I'm not sure where iPhone and iPod Touch show up in all of this.
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Web Stats for Mid-October 2007
Posted Oct 16, 2007 — 25 comments below


Chris L — Oct 16, 07 4745

I am still amazed at how fast PowerPC became the minority.

Do you get stats for Safari on Windows? I think it is a nonstarter, a crutch for iPhone developers.

Alex Gordon — Oct 16, 07 4746

That's odd, I only ever think about Cocoa when I'm on my Mac. When I'm on my PC it's more "Stop showing those annoying dialogs" ;)

Seriously though, I can't believe all those windows users are just mac users using windows, especially on Theocacao. Maybe there's something wrong with your software (like it's not picking up the stats on certain browsers so it's defaulting to Windows). Although, the browser + OS percentages seem to add up.

And, what stats software do you use? I'd really like to get the statistics on "Mac Architecture" for my download page to know what kind of configurations people use my software for.

Scott Stevenson — Oct 16, 07 4747 Scotty the Leopard

Do you get stats for Safari on Windows
Yes. It's very small.

Maybe there's something wrong with your software
Probably not. It's Google Analytics.

I can't believe all those windows users are just mac users using windows, especially on Theocacao
Actually, that makes sense to me. I'm told people read from work sometimes. The Cocoa Dev Central one is more of a mystery, since it's harder to see the value if Xcode isn't running. Maybe it's just Windows developers checking things out?

Ross — Oct 16, 07 4748

Perhaps, like me, people are checking from work?

I have to put food on the table, and currently Windows (as much as it pains me) is the only way I can do that over here in the UK :(

Fbio — Oct 16, 07 4749

I'm a regular reader of your blog and I only touched a Mac once in my life (it was on a trade show).

I like to read Mac developers' blogs because you are generally more interested in the quality of the user experience than Windows or Linux developers. I also get ideas from Cocoa and Objective-C programming that I can apply to other languages/frameworks.

Andreas Kompanez — Oct 16, 07 4750

Just curious, what about Camino? Do they count as Firefox?

Erik — Oct 16, 07 4751

I'm another one who has to use Windows at work (for now), but I tend to read your blog posts as soon as they show up in Google Reader regardless of where I am. The statistics don't seem that wacky to me.

Rick — Oct 16, 07 4752

iPhone & iPod Touch show up as Safari for Macintosh.

Jose R. Vazquez — Oct 16, 07 4753

I am a Mac indie developer wanabee. For the time being (and the foreseeable future) I am stuck working behind a windows machine. To make matters worse (as if there is anything worse than having to use Windows). I am a goverment contractor and I can't even update or touch my machine in any way (at least not the machine that is connected to the internet). I have to endure windows 2000 professional (that's right! not even XP...) with IE6 (no tabs for me either). So I get to see little grey boxes around TheoCacao's banners and such (no PNG transparencies for me!) At least I can see the site. A bunch of mac sites will ban me altogether for having an inferior web browser... serves them right. I hardly ever go back to such sites when I finally get home to my MacBook Pro.

Joachim — Oct 16, 07 4755

I'm curious, do you have any stats on Opera?

Jeff Johnson — Oct 16, 07 4757

Note that browsers can lie. Some Mac users send a Windows Internet Explorer header to defeat the 'helpful' web designers who serve up Windows-only content.

By the way, do you have any stats on feed readers? ;-)

Blain — Oct 16, 07 4758

This is one of the reasons I really really like the term "Indie Developer." It invokes the image of the coder working away at a windows desk job, aspiring to make it big on the mac scene, like that guy working at Starbucks, meeting up with his garage band every saturday.

That might also be why a lot of the indie mac company names sound like band names, as well as why some Devs have a sort of rock star status, except only the good parts.

kamelito — Oct 16, 07 4759

I'm one of them...
Was Oric1 user, Spectrum, C64, Amiga 500, Amiga 3000, Amiga 1200, 3DO and now windows :-(
As a QA engineer I worked on MAC projects, I never like MAC OS before OSX, it was too me inferior to what the Amiga OS was. I've seen Next machines back in the days and loved them but it was too expansive...I follow OSX since the beginning and never actually made the jump.
I'm really fed up by viruses, spyware, malware, trojan to say the least...
I'm going to buy a MAC at the end of the year or beginning 2008. Don't know yet what, a laptop or an Imac, since my kids are young, I'll probably go the laptop way and I'll leave the windows world forever (at least at home).


Scott Stevenson — Oct 16, 07 4760 Scotty the Leopard

@Andreas Kompanez: Just curious, what about Camino? Do they count as Firefox?
@Joachim: I'm curious, do you have any stats on Opera?

Browser ----------------- 4. Camino 2.44% 5. Opera 1.59%

Cocoa Dev Central
Browser ----------------- 4. Camino 2.77% 5. Opera 2.14%

Scott Stevenson — Oct 16, 07 4761 Scotty the Leopard

@Jeff Johnson: By the way, do you have any stats on feed readers? ;-)
I have multiple gigs of recent log data that I could extract it from, but I haven't added JavaScript to the feed to track it in Google Analytics. Wasn't sure how people would feel about that. It might be nice to know, though.

Blain — Oct 17, 07 4762

Okay, now I'm curious what the strangest entries are. How many cell phones? Any 68K systems? Dare we say, any Lynx users?

Scott Stevenson — Oct 17, 07 4764 Scotty the Leopard

@Blain Okay, now I'm curious what the strangest entries are. How many cell phones?
It's hard to pinpoint cellphones, and nothing that I saw volunteered itself as Lynx, but here some interesting ones from Theocacao:
Operating Systems --------------------------------- PlayStation Portable 0.02% Nintendo Wii 0.01% PlayStation 3 < 0.01%

Chris L — Oct 17, 07 4765

I still see a few hits from Netscape 4, Windows NT, even one hit from Windows 3.x this month. It does make you wonder where this background noise comes from.

Terry — Oct 17, 07 4766

Probably a number of your visitors are like me.

Stuck on a PC at work with no access to a Mac until we get home.

Currently viewing from a PC with IE6.

All the best

Danny — Oct 17, 07 4767

I visited your site with my DS once, using the official web browser. I guess that would be counted as Opera though.

As for the Windows-stats, well it's a Windows-world and I don't see that changing anytime soon, however sucky it gets :(

Aidan — Oct 17, 07 4768

Take a look at the bounce rate for those visitors who are Win/Explorer - I imagine it's significantly higher than those who are Win/Firefox. Many of us are stuck with a particular OS at work, but can choose browser.

The downside of Google Analytics is that counting stats from feed readers is tough. That's why people use things like Feedburner, or any of the various feed counting plugins for their particular blog engine.

Steve Weller — Oct 18, 07 4776

You can find out how many iPhone hits you are getting by filtering the screen size: 320 x 396. About 1% of my page views are from iPhones.

Steve Weller — Oct 18, 07 4777

Here are mine for my site. I added the Windows breakdown as well:

Operating System ------------------------- 1. Mac OS X 79.34% 2. Windows 19.42% 3. Linux 0.95% Browser ------------------------- 1. Safari 61.40% 2. Firefox 24.53% 3. Explorer 8.99% 4. Camino 2.33% Browser + OS ------------------------- 1. Safari Mac 60.92% 2. Firefox Win 9.45% Notice these are not in order 3. Firefox Mac 14.23% 4. Explorer Win 8.94% Mac Architecture ------------------------- 1. Intel 69.20% 2. PowerPC 30.80% Windows ------------------------ XP 86.76% Vista 6.87% 2000 4.61% Server 2003 1.03% 98 0.007%

I see that Vista is now storming past Win 2000.

My numbers are very much in line with yours. There are most likely a whole bunch of people like me who are forced into the Windows thing at work.

Arden — Oct 20, 07 4791

"Mac," dammit. "MAC" is a networking term. You dont go around calling it "WINDOWS," do you? Or "LINUX?" Didn't think so.

Blain — Oct 21, 07 4806

Aw, be nice to the switcher-to-be. It's a common mistake. One I don't fully understand (Why do people caps Macintosh?), but let's not scare them away, ne?

For the record, I've often seen/done caps on Windows abbreviated. As in WIN95, WINXP, WINNT, and my fave, WINCE. But that's mostly because the DOS folders are named such.


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