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Comment on "Delicious Library 2 Preview"
by Blain — Oct 21
@look: It's very hard to believe a troll who doesn't even capitalize properly.

@Matt: What compelling features and abilities would you say makes the $50 Booxter a better deal than the $40 DL?

Unfortunately, I'm not DL's target audience; no webcam, no scanner, no real impulse to inventory. The wife, who does have the lion's share of books, has a PC.

Perhaps when I upgrade, I'll get it. Although I would do a feature request. It's unlikely that anyone but me would do it, but given how I want to sort by subject anyways, automagically finding and sorting by Dewey Decimal System or Library of Congress code would rock.

It'd also make me wonder if DL could work for real public libraries, at least small ones.
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