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Comment on "Delicious Library 2 Preview"
by Eduo — Oct 21
Nice troll you've got here with this "Look" character. I like that he insists DL is not for what its creators say it is, but for what he wants and since it doesn't do what he wants then it's failing at its purpose.

There are a couple of things I'd like in DL which would make it much more useful to me (although I registered it the day they started taking orders and reported a couple of bugs from the betas).

-Comic book support: Considered as a different media type and using an online service for information (preferrably Although it's a pay site I don't know of a better place for comic book info and pricing).

-Online sharing: Setting up a service like Anobii or Shelfari free for use for DL users. Offering web views and a degree of social networking based on interests (again, like Shelfari o Anobii).

-Support for other information sources (it's possible, as others have it). Amazon is great and all (and referrals are nice, I'd bet) but ultimately they're not the only source of information out there. Maybe plugins for additional sources would be a nice thing.

-"Finding" of CDs in iTunes: I don't care much for iTunes Music Store support nor do I think DL is actually useful for that (to me DL tracks physical assets) but it could provide a link when a scanned CD is ripped into iTunes.

-Improved contextual information for items: Especially CDs, they don't contain nearly as much information as they could. For some people using DL also means replacing detailed databased currently tracked in Excel or Access (for Switchers). Having the track information would give them a much more useful tool than it currently is (for a DVD or a Game contents may not be as important but for a CD they may be vital).
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