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Comment on "Delicious Library 2 Preview"
by Eric — Oct 23
Hi, I'm really looking forward to version 2! I think this will be great for sharing! I can't wait to see what your sharing features are. It's my opinion that people buy far too many things and share far too little. If your app can help people consume less and connect with eachother more.... wow, that's going to have a great impact!

Ideas (even though I'm sure you have enough of your own) for version 3:

1. Sharing with friends in social networks (friendster, facebook, etc)
2. Sharing with friends of friends ( If you trust someone, wouldn't you trust who they trust?)
3. Sharing with people you don't know?!?!? Advertise that you have something in a certain location and are willing to share it. ( Craigslist integration? )
4. Being paid to share? Make me into my own personal rental store (paypal integration, etc)
5. Share more than media items : What first comes to my mind is tools. Why do I own a drill that I only use a few times a year? Why not share it with my friends / neighbors? Why not just borrow / rent from them?
6. Maps integration for tracking people / things down.
Where are my friends? Where is my stuff? where can we make a transfer? This would be best for sharing with people you don't know... IE meeting in public spaces for safety.

GREAT WORK, keep it up, oh yeah!
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