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Comment on "Announcing NSCoder Night"
by JoseRVazquez — Oct 25

Yes you read that right! Washington DC is a big enough place for it to have it's own NS Coder chapter. I find it hard to believe we do not have a Cocoa heads chapter as well but that will change soon, wink wink.

I live in Vienna VA and I believe Tyson's Corner would be a good area to meet. There is a Panera Bread in Route 7 towards Leesburg. I think that would be as good as any place to meet casually between 7:00 and 9:00 pm. The other alternative would of course be the Apple Store in Tyson's itself, but I don't think they sell cookies or drinks in there... maybe an apple at most.

If you want to join me come to Panera

If you do see me, this is what I should look like:

I am also working on seting up (or

with a little luck this post will show up there too.

So I am shooting for next tuesday same as the Silicone Valley chapter. Thanks and hope to see you guys soon. (yeah I'm talking to all you AOL cocoa guys hogging Aaron for a week up in DC and not letting anyone know about it!!)


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