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Comment on "Satisfying UI Design is Often Illogical"
by sam — Oct 31
Whether or not the menu and dock were changed just for the sake of change, I like them both better.

Who cares if the menu is a little less obvious? I know where the menu bar is and where the menus are by muscle memory. They don't move, so we get spatial consistency. The readability is perfectly acceptable for the tiny visual cue I need to distinguish File from Edit from View from History... And it's a little less garish, with the background showing subtly through.

The dock, on the other hand, tends to change over time, and is (in my case) much more crowded than the menu, and to my mind, the 3d effect makes it easier to distinguish the icons from one another. And it looks better, consistent lighting be damned. To me, the blue dots are perfect for indicating running apps. So what if you have to know about them for them first; once you do, a quick glance is all that's needed. And how can they be both distracting and not noticeable as one person said?

I actually switched from being a committed sided-docker to bottom-docking because of the 3d effect.

I do regret the loss of some folder functionality in the dock, but on balance, the new dock is a winner to me.
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