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Comment on "Satisfying UI Design is Often Illogical"
by Barbasol — Nov 01
Great points. I do think there is room though for a little bit of user choice/control. We don't need all-out themes (though that could be nice) but a toggle for the menu bar and a gui toggle for the dock wouldn't hurt (though the 3d dock look is actually one of the few visual changes I like.)

The other problem, is there seems to be quite a bit of feature regression with the UI changes this time around. Stacks lacking a "View as Menu" option stand out as the prime example. But there are smaller items like movies no longer playing minimized in the dock, lack of a scrub/volume control in column view's preview pane and inability to select specific volumes to search.

My subjective gripes: the main window is just too dang gray. I would lighten it up a bit. And the menu highlight is almost purpley now. Was that adjustable in OS 9 or am I thinking of some custom extension? I'm trying to give the new look a chance, but....
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