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Comment on "Satisfying UI Design is Often Illogical"
by Steven Grimm — Nov 06
For functions that I use constantly, the menu's readability is rarely an issue not because I know where stuff is in the menu, but because if I use a command a lot I'll switch to a keyboard shortcut. It's the stuff I'm *not* using every five minutes that's the problem (including menus for new apps I've never used before.)

Or, put another way: I know where "File" is. But tell me, quick: Is "Bookmarks" the sixth or the seventh item in the Firefox menu bar? (Answer: Both, depending on whether you count the Apple menu.)

In any event, we agree that it's harder to read now. To me, making (probably) the single most-used text-based element of the user interface harder to read is not a step forward in UI design, even if some users may eventually train themselves out of the need to read it at all.
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