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Comment on "Satisfying UI Design is Often Illogical"
by Jeff Harrison — Nov 08
I agree with the main point of the article, which discusses the subjectivity of user experience, but I really have to wonder about that Apple study's methodology. I'm sure there's something to it, but it sounds overreaching to say that there is never a speed advantage to using a keyboard over a mouse. For instance, I use the Excel "paste values" command all the time. If you're copying from within Excel, the shortcut is Alt-(esv). Essentially, it's a word my left hand has memorized, and I can type it as quickly as I do my own first name. It simply takes longer to go to the edit menu, select "paste special," then move the pointer to the dialog, click the radio button for "Values," and click the OK button. I may be taking longer than I realize to position my thumb over the Alt key, but there are movement and targeting issues with using the mouse that make using it slower.

An even more extreme example: Time yourself typing a sentence of moderate length. Then go and use the mouse to enter the same sentence using an on-screen keyboard. If you're even a mediocre typist, there should be no contest, even if by some odd fluke the sentence contained only letters you type with your dominant hand.
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