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Comment on "Delicious Library 2 Preview"
by Bob — Nov 12
Hi there,


Remote support (A full screen/kiosk mode for Music and Movies which allows launch to underlying linked media of any kind).

That's it really. The playback could be through front row with the DL area as a plugin? So an option to enter library view which shows the DL icons and informational panel for each icon, and then launches.

If you look at the Kaleidescape site in my last post this gives a feel for how they have implemented. I know that there are a half dozen other companies with varying quality implementations of part of this solution - without the huge amount of other stuff that DL has. Sure it's not core to your initial proposition but this is a great adjunct>...

Not sure how this would be implemented but would make a killer solution.

Some hurdles i guess would be the searching/implementation of an easy method for linking added Movie DB records to media stored on disk. A drag and drop or closest match suggestion would be easy in use.

Well, looking forward to DL2 with or without this...:-D

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