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Comment on "A Closer Look at Delicious Library 2"
by Chris — Nov 21

I would like to say it looks like a great product with a lot of features that are not only clever but useful. It appears that the tools thing has taken over on the comments. I am really looking forward to and have been use leopard since the early betas and it will be nice to see some more leopard only apps that take advantage of the new technologies in it.

The sharing stuff looks wicked and would be really useful. I would like to know when it is coming out though, do we get any clues?

On the adding tools front it does kinda of make sense as if it is something that amazon sell it might as well be include in DL. Are there any other areas that have been added? The other thing with this software is it could be used to catalog products purchased for a company, it would be a great way to log IT equipment.

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