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Comment on "A Closer Look at Delicious Library 2"
by Norman Ferguson — Nov 21
My concerns/wishes are two-fold.

First, I'd like to know about accessing my collection(s) on my iPhone while I'm actually standing in the book/music/video/hardware store. I'd like to be able to look at what I've already got at home, so I don't buy it again (I'm embarrassed at how many duplicates of books I have on my shelves at the moment, for example).

Secondly, a large fraction of my book collection comes from various book clubs. Few of these have an ISBN, or any other index/database source. Would it be possible to incorporate the databases of several of the Book Clubs out there (SFBC, Mystery of the Month, whatever)?

I'm really looking forward to the release of DL 2; Real Soon Now!
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