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Comment on "A Closer Look at Delicious Library 2"
by Marco — Nov 21
Hmm, it looks very interesting. I downloaded the trial (1.6.6, not 2 of course) and it recognized many, but by far not all, dreamcast games I have.
i don't see any real use for CD libraries, since I only get downloads (itunes mostly), it would be nice to have it import/sync the iTunes library as well.

I'd love to be able to scan barcodes of all my stuff in the house though.. and not tools, but my hiFi, TV, computer, photo equipment and all other electronics stuff. It's a great way to archive for insurance sake.

And I notice quite a lot of articles don't have a barcode on them.. a "recognize cover" function would be sweet, but I guess the iSights resolution isn't up to that task.
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