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Comment on "A Closer Look at Delicious Library 2"
by Rafael Bugajewski — Nov 21
@Scott Stevenson:
There's no guarantee you'll use Bonjour support in DL, but you might. For me, the most interesting possibility is a server-client relationship, where one machine is serving up the contents of all the books in a given room, for example. You don't need critical mass to make it useful.

The .Mac sharing is a different deal because it's people you already know and are interested enough in what you're doing to add you to their Friends list.

A server-client solution (which I didn't think about) is indeed really great. And the .Mac sharing is nice, too. Possibly I thought to much about Bonjour sharing in a way like e.g. Cha-Ching does. I don't really use it, because the one and only person I could share my financial status with is my wife who doesn't need it.
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