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Comment on "CoreAnimation Sample Code: ArtGallery 1.0.1"
by Scott Stevenson — Dec 03
@patrick: Debug configuration doesn't work
I forgot to turn gargbage collection on for that configuration.

Ripple effect center is not 'under' the mouse pointer, but slightly above it
Good eye. I'll take a look at it.

@Chris Ryland: There's some funny glitch after a color/B&W transition where the animation stops but then the picture snaps into its final resting appearance
I know. Not sure what to do about it.

Why do you synthesize all the accessors for the private members in that fashion?
I think you're asking why I declared some properties privately? It's the same reason you'd declare regular methods to be private -- because they're implementation details not to be shared with clients of the class. Using properties just reduces the amount of code I have to write and keeps things simpler in general.

@AndyK: Has anyone else seen the console output something akin to
Yes. It's some sort of message from the runtime about garbage collection. I haven't looked at it closely yet.
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