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Comment on "CoreAnimation Sample Code: ArtGallery 1.0.1"
by Scott Stevenson — Dec 11
@Tim R: I suppose that using the first method is a little easier, but not as customizable as the second. Am I correct in assuming this?

That's probably basically true, but the layer-centric approach is also much more scalable. Unless you're very new to Cocoa, I would develop the puzzle game using layers. I think it will leave you with a bet better understanding of the framework.

Just to be clear, using layers directly is not quite as easy as NSView, but still very approachable and Cocoa like. They're Objective-C classes, have properties, support KVC, and so on. They don't automatically handle mouse and keyboard events, and the layers only accept CGImageRefs for image content right now -- but you can draw into layers directly.
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