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Comment on "Theocacao Redesign for Dec 2007"
by John — Dec 15
Nifty and certainly different. Still in the same vein and it's still clean (myspace anyone? *shrinks away and tries to hide from it*). We shall see how it feels in a month:) Can't really tell until you spent time with it before you do like it or not.

Different topic, what has happened with cocoa blogs? Am I the only one who doesn't see updates. I really loved the updates, it was real nifty. One can do these google homepages and get all the latest posts of the blogs you like there etc blah blah, but I like cocoa blogs a heck of a lot more. Plus I don't have to hunt alone for good cocoa related blogs and info, all of us can do that. It would rule if it was updated more.

And onto the next topic, any chance Cocoa Dev Central will be fully 10.5 updated? I know that it's a lot of work, but wouldn't it be nice with updated screenshots, correct looking "press here and here" and maybe a few new ones as well? The ones that doesn't feel as up to date can always be relegated to let's say the archive.

Would a donation help mayhap?
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