Theocacao Redesign for Dec 2007

A brand new design went up today. I did the initial prototype in about four hours, and spent the next ten days iterating through about thirty versions. I usually just put up whatever I like, but the changes were different enough that I showed it to one person ahead of time, just to check.

My design criteria was basically this: I want a site I enjoy visiting.

Theocacao Design 1

I'm really interested in this idea of functional places — in particular stores or restaurants — you go to just because you want to be there. I think a lot of people know this feeling about the Apple Store, and it's played up at the 24-hour locations. There's a certain mood about a place that you want to experience.

Theocacao Design 2

This translates into web sites, too. Daring Fireball is an excellent example of this idea. It's not just a bunch of text — John Gruber has sculpted a particular feeling into the granite. Although maybe it's too few degrees of separation, I think this applies to Jesper's Waffle, too.

In fact, these are two sites I'll visit without prompting from an RSS reader. They're both very well-written, of course, but the fiber of what they're about is actually woven into the presentation. I dig that. I think you know something about the authors just from the sensibilities of the sites.

While Theocacao doesn't look much like these sites, I hope something similar comes across: that there's a particular feeling being sent out over the airwaves. I guess this idea is at the core of the designs for Cocoa Dev Central and Cocoa Blogs design, as well.

I hope you guys and gals enjoy it.
Design Element
Theocacao Redesign for Dec 2007
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Jacob Rus — Dec 15, 07 5193

I get big blue rectangles around all the images (Camino). Probably not the desired effect?

Moitah — Dec 15, 07 5194

Yep, love it !
The paper scratch at the bottom is beautifull.

Joe Goh — Dec 15, 07 5198

This new design is pretty good, but I think I liked the previous design better because of the mood it projected. The previous design reminded me of this geeky sanctuary where I can go for a good read. The new design reminds me of Philosophy 101.

William Wilkinson — Dec 15, 07 5199

Great work! The bottom of the paper is lovely.

Scott Stevenson — Dec 15, 07 5200 Scotty the Leopard

@Jacob Rus: I get big blue rectangles around all the images (Camino). Probably not the desired effect?

Fixed. Thanks.

John — Dec 15, 07 5201

Nifty and certainly different. Still in the same vein and it's still clean (myspace anyone? *shrinks away and tries to hide from it*). We shall see how it feels in a month:) Can't really tell until you spent time with it before you do like it or not.

Different topic, what has happened with cocoa blogs? Am I the only one who doesn't see updates. I really loved the updates, it was real nifty. One can do these google homepages and get all the latest posts of the blogs you like there etc blah blah, but I like cocoa blogs a heck of a lot more. Plus I don't have to hunt alone for good cocoa related blogs and info, all of us can do that. It would rule if it was updated more.

And onto the next topic, any chance Cocoa Dev Central will be fully 10.5 updated? I know that it's a lot of work, but wouldn't it be nice with updated screenshots, correct looking "press here and here" and maybe a few new ones as well? The ones that doesn't feel as up to date can always be relegated to let's say the archive.

Would a donation help mayhap?

Scott Stevenson — Dec 15, 07 5202 Scotty the Leopard

happened with cocoa blogs
Things are in progress.

any chance Cocoa Dev Central will be fully 10.5 updated
Yes, there is a chance. A very good chance.

It's probably obvious, but I was spending some time on this site.

Vincent — Dec 15, 07 5203

Looks quite good.

But I stil find the previous design better.

Lee Falin — Dec 15, 07 5204

Looks great Scott, nice work. I do miss the tent and "fellow countrymen" blurb at the top of the comments though.

Winsmith — Dec 15, 07 5205

I like the new design for its artsyness, and because it really shines through how much you thought about it. That being said though, I miss certain aspects of the old design: The old design's sections (logo, content, comments) seemed more connected to each other, because their contents were allowed to "spill out" of them -- like the drawing of the tent at the beginning of the comments. Right now, all the sections are pretty seperate from each other, even the logo from the main blog text. Because they are also very "rectangular", the site feels a lot more like a grid layout than a hand-written philosophy book.

Jesper — Dec 15, 07 5206

I'd just like to say that I didn't plan on paying Scott particularly much at all for plugging Waffle. ;)

It's a good look. Now make it remember the comment name/email/URL details and make the format popup look less out of place. Chop chop!

Jeff Johnson — Dec 15, 07 5207

In fact, these are two sites I'll visit without prompting from an RSS reader.
You must take all prompting from your RSS reader! It is a hundred times more technologically advanced than you. Resistance is futile.

Mills — Dec 21, 07 5263

I'm not sure why it's not made more of an impression on everyone how unique the design is without making some gimmicky effort to be so. I think it's one of the most attractive and appealing site designs I've seen.

Great work!

Scott Stevenson — Dec 21, 07 5267 Scotty the Leopard

@Mills: I think it's one of the most attractive and appealing site designs I've seen.

Thanks. I really appreciate that.


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