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Comment on "A Few Delicious Library 2 Secrets"
by Gopikrishnan — Dec 16
Being from India and having movies in my regional language as part of my movie collection, not being able to get the info from IMDB or some such place is very difficult for me. And I did read the comment on the delicious site that you would not want to import data from such databases. And I also understand that people of each region might have different places they want to download info from. So is it possible to open up delicious to have people write their own code to pick the info from some channel. So in effect once I have the plugin written for any channel, may that be a site or some XML file I have lying in my disc, I can set it as an a SITE in Delicious at my own risk and responsibilities which Delicious will call to populate the information.

Is that a fair request to make? I am really impressed with your tool and its functionality. The only reason stopping me from going ahead is this.
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