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Comment on "A Look at the Acorn Image Editor"
by Douglas Stetner — Dec 21
I was going to buy a copy of CS3 today, and noticed I was on the US store. I saw CS3 for $649.00 US, which at current exchange rates equates to about 750.00 Australian.

I then went to the Australian store and was shocked to see it was $1155.00 AUD. I called the Australian number and was told that this was because Australian users were being forced to buy tech support for CS3.

For $400.00 AUD I certainly do not need tech support. In the end I will not buy CS3, even though I could pick it up and activate it next time I am in Canada, as I feel if they are going to screw the Australian customers like this I want no part of it. It will be the Gimp and maybe something like this for me.....
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