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Comment on "Learn Cocoa Tutorial Updated for Leopard"
by Scott Stevenson — Dec 24
@Takashi Yoshida: I downloaded the project files at the bottom of the tutorial. It seems like my project was missing an instance of NSFontManager in my MainMenu.nib file

I didn't realize that the Leopard template adds a Format menu by default. That's my fault for not checking. The NSFontManager thing is not something you usually need to add yourself. It's only there because the project was created on Leopard.

However, it looks like there's a small bug in the Leopard version of Interface Builder that I didn't know about (but it's a registered bug). The built-in Format menu isn't wired up by default.

Here's the quick solution:

1. Leave the existing Format menu in place
2. Select the red "First Responder" cube in the document window
3. Choose Tools > Identity Inspector from the Interface Builder menu
4. Under "Class Actions" in the inspector, press the plus button to add a new action
5. Name the action "orderFrontFontPanel:"
6. Control-drag a connection from Format menu's "Show Fonts" item to First Responder
7. Choose "orderFrontFontPanel:"

Save it and it should work. This doesn't have all of the features of the full-fledged menu, but you can open the Font panel and get to most of them.
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