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Comment on "A Closer Look at Delicious Library 2"
by TokyoMD — Jan 10
I am a PhD student and my research library data has grown to over 2,400 books. A large number are in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Delicious Library has been a godsend. Nevertheless, there are some long overdue features on my wish list:

1) The ability to display the publishing date as YEAR only. DL will add bogus dates (the current month and day) if you enter only the year. For scholars there is generally a need only to see the year of publication.

2) Data cells for academic journal articles, not just books (i.e., the article title, journal name, date, volume, number, page range, and number of pages.

3) The ability to print out collections in a size I can actually read (larger), preferably in user defined fonts, sizes, and cover size.

4) Getting an easily readable form on my iPod Touch or similar Apple handheld.
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