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Comment on "MacFUSE CocoaHeads Wrap-Up with Video"
by Glenn — Jan 11
What a stunning meeting!

The room overflowed with talent (even more than usual!), the talk was clear and relevant, the MacFUSE demos were meaningful, and Peter -- sandwiched between bbum's and Dave's MacFUSE funny-but-drive-the-point-home demos -- showed an interesting sound recognition app he's building.

I heard the fuss over MacFUSE last year, but didn't grok it. If I understand correctly now, then basically any hierarchical data can be treated as a file system, where operations typical of files (e.g., Cover Flow, Quick Look) can be performed against them. More interesting still is the relative ease with which this can now be done, thanks to MacFUSE.

Using real files -- as with PicasaWeb and the YouTube browser -- easily makes sense, and may be the more practical use of the MacFUSE framework.

But XML? Why not?! Jar files? Sure! Cover flow/quick look them all day long.

Suddenly, it all makes sense.
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