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Comment on "MacBook Air as Primary Machine"
by Ted — Jan 18
I've long believed that you are a fool to buy a version 1.0 of any Apple product offering. My rev. A Macbook Pro confirmed those fears (in the shop 4 times, finally replaced by Apple with a current gen MBP), while the iPhone has diminished them.

Still, I would think twice about ponying up $1800 for the MBA, if for no other reason than you just know that there will be a 160GB HD version in the very near future. Why they opted for 80GB drive over the 160GB drive, when the price difference on the two is negligible is beyond me.

For most people I've talked with, the puny hard drive is the main sticking point. The un-upgradeable RAM and battery doesn't bother too many people, but that 80GB HD seems to be the issue thats keeping most from considering it.
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