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Comment on "MacBook Air as Primary Machine"
by Blain — Jan 20
Heh. I didn't notice the MacBook Air's acronym until just now. MBA, as in the business degree. It'd be perfect for business types that have IT support. Sealed up, light, less things to break, and they can use it as a tax write-off. Lack of expansion is no problem; the business would lease it, and simply replace it with a new one later on.

As for a primary, there's already a market of external USB optical drives, as well as usb to firewire adapters. Keep all the peripherals and monitors at home, and just carry the laptop about.

Definitely a possible primary for students. For coders, perhaps not as much because we're not exactly on the go as much.

1.6Ghz is still a lot of speed, especially given some of us still using a 1.5Ghz G4 as a dev machine. Finally, space shouldn't be an issue, as the drive should only carry the essentials; everyone keeps backups and archives on external devices or nonportable systems, right? Right?
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