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Comment on "MacBook Air as Primary Machine"
by J Nozzi — Jan 22
@Scott: I agree completely regarding file synchronization. It isn't as if Leopard doesn't now have the means to make such a thing much faster (discovery of changed files, that is). Combine that with Time Capsule or an Air Disk and you have the perfect central "Truth".

Overall, however, even in the absence of such synchronization, the MacBook Air caused me to immediately reevaluate how I actually use my MacBook Pro. I tend to be very anal about keeping everything I might possibly need or want with me at all times. Not only my files, but all my hardware, too. I have a case-within-a-case with an extra power brick, Ethernet cable, video adaptor, minijack-to-minijack cable, iPhone sync cable, USB, and firewire cable. In other words, I carry a lot of crap everywhere I go. :-)

I began rethinking that approach, however. I rarely use any of the hardware (even though it's really handy when I need it), nor even the files. By decentralizing things (and letting go of some of my digital baggage), I could probably fit.

If I could throw most of my home folder's contents into "long term storage", use the .Mac Back to my Mac feature to get at it if I really need to, I think it's a reasonable compromise. "Zen and the Art of Portable Computing", if you will. I wish I could borrow somebody's MBA for a week or two ... just to get a feel for whether or not even those fears are justified.

I would probably have already pre-ordered an Air if it weren't for two things: performance and screen size (the latter being of critical importance for someone with less-than-perfect vision).
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