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Comment on "MacBook Air as Primary Machine"
by Jesper — Jan 27
I guess I forgot to write about this.

A relative has a 17" PowerBook - the second to last model they ever made. He bought it the day before they introduced new ones, right after driving around town repeatedly wondering why it was sold out everywhere but in one place. ;)

He's been watching carbon fiber Vaios with envy, and has asked me repeatedly if Apple had "come to its senses yet". I've sent him the link to MacBook Air. Whether I'll recommend it or not is a question of if he can cram into 80 or 64 GB of storage - MacBook Air, slow as it is, is significantly faster than the 17" PowerBook, he can afford the external SuperDrive, has never tended to plug in lots of extras, he's not using his computer heavily and has actually asked for "wireless backup".

So, for all the ones asking who this machine is for, the answer is simple: my relative.
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