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Comment on "A Closer Look at Delicious Library 2"
by Petaris — Mar 22
How about printing?

Will DL2 give better printing options? I would like to be able to choose what columns will be printed. We have a very large library and keep a 3 ring binder in the same room as the movies. We have two sorted print outs, one Alphabetical by movie name and one Alphabetical by movie genre. Also all of our movies have a ID number on them so keeping them in order on the shelf is easy and they are easy to find. We are putting that in the "location" field in DL1 but there is no way to print it. The only print option in DL1 just plain sucks for doing what we need to do. We really need to be able to print out sorted detail views where we can choose the columns to be printed and even the font size and layout (landscape).

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