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Comment on "CocoaHeads April 17: UI Design Essentials"
by Philip Orr — Apr 16
Hi there Scott, this sounds like one of the more promising of talks, an entire night devoted to the UI. This is of course the first thing a user sees and has to interact with. First impressions last, etc...

Like the rest, especially if like me coming from Northern Ireland, if a video source was available that would be great, managed to get the others to date, and I have to say I've enjoyed watching them, helps put faces to name as well.

Talking of UIs and video, will there be anything on converting user interfaces from desktop apps to mobile devices, you know what I'm talking about, the iPhone, or if you start does that mean no video for the rest of us, per NDA.

Thats one thing I was wondering about as well, the week of WWDC, you guys looking to get something planned, I know Scotty (MacDevNet) is trying to get something organised. I'm flying in on the 7th and staying till the 18th, Woot!

Keep up the great work.
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