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Comment on "CocoaHeads April 17: UI Design Essentials"
by Steve Weller — Apr 16

I have been suggesting this topic to Scott for a while now. For anyone starting Mac programing the problem is daunting because they know they have to pass an art exam before they can do any coding. How do I start? How do I know if I am on the right track? It's very uncomfortable territory.

I hope Scott can show how things can be hooked up behind the scenes as well. In theory, if your interface design is supported by a correctly designed set of objects, then changes to the interface can be made to the supporting code quickly and safely.

I'm currently coding a document-based app with a fairly complicated interface and it took sitting down and getting things badly wrong a couple of times before I understood all the Cocoa objects and could apply them to my situation correctly. You know when you get to this point: you find yourself deleting kludgy code that you had scattered all over the place and the elegance shines through.
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