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Comment on "New Objective-C Tutorial"
by Scott Stevenson — Apr 19
@Andras Puiz and @Marco Masser:
I agree about needing to call out the @"string" syntax. I need to figure out where it fits in the flow.

@Marco Masser: the fact that objects you create with methods other than -init... (e.g. [NSString string]) are simply autoreleased in the constructor by convention.

The trickiest topic in an entry-level Objective-C tutorial is memory management. I tried to simplify it down to its essence, and I think talking about the conventions behind factory methods would be too much detail. The mechanics don't change how they use the class, so I don't think it's an essential skill to get started.

Also, there are two errors in section 7 "More on Memory Management [...] And one small grammatical error: In section 9 "Properties,"

Both fixed. Thanks for finding them.
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