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Comment on "Video from UI Design Essentials CocoaHeads"
by Chris Hanson — May 11
I put together a video podcast feed for the CocoaHeads videos, thanks to Podcast Maker. Unfortunately, the videos themselves aren't viewable on Apple TV, so I've abandoned it for now.

Is there any chance that future videos can be rendered in a format that's compatible with Apple TV? It's much more comfortable for viewing long-format content, and the video will still be compatible with straight-up iTunes viewing.

The content right now is an OK size (1248x702, why not 1280x720?) but it's 29.97 fps; it needs to be 24fps to play at 1280x720 on Apple TV. Most encoding software these days has "Encode for Apple TV" as an option, so you don't have to sweat the details.

If someone can make sure Apple TV-compatible video is available, I'll put it into a podcast feed on my own site, or send the feed XML to Scott to put on the site.
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