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Comment on "Video from UI Design Essentials CocoaHeads"
by Kelan Champagne — May 16
Thanks to you and everybody involved in making these videos happen. I am bummed I can't make it in person anymore, but I am really grateful for the videos you guys are able to put up. I know it's all a lot of work (organizing, preparing, presenting, recording, and editing), and I really appreciate it.

This was a great topic, and a great presentation. I would love to hear you go more in-depth into some of the areas you touched upon, in future talks. For example: When designing, how do you know what is right? In what proportion do you mix (a) following the examples of others, (b) following the HIG, (c) going with your gut, (d) doing something totally new and exciting, and (e) other?

Thanks again,
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